Making positive decisions today can improve your wellbeing and protect you and your business in the years to come.

It’s time to take control of the critical elements that will have the greatest impact on your “best possible future”. Life is uncertain, but there are aspects of our lives that we can do something about, such as exercising, spending more time with friends, or using money wisely.

Join Derek Shiels, Managing Director of Lyfe Wealth, and James Donnelly, Personal Trainer, for an insightful talk for business owners and contract employees about achieving a well-balanced life and protecting yourself through contingency planning.

The event is at our cost, and nibbles and drinks will be provided.

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Photo of Derek ShielsDerek Shiels is the Managing Director of Lyfe Wealth, an independent financial planning firm based in London which provides holistic financial planning advice to individuals and businesses. He is passionate about the provision of great advice. He has a small family and spends his time between the UK and Switzerland.

Photo of James DonnellyJames Donnelly is a Personal Trainer based in North West London, specialising in holistic fitness programmes targeting different goals across the spectrum. He runs a pre/post-natal fitness group, encouraging parents to get back into fitness, and specialises in High Intensity Interval Training, for weight loss, toning and stamina building. He aims to help people achieve their goals and build confidence both inside and outside the gym, which he believes is key in improving overall health and wellbeing.

Derek Shiels

Derek Shiels

Derek Shiels is the Managing Director of Lyfe Wealth.

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